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Automotive Preventative Maintanence

October 31st, 2013 by

Automotive maintenance and repair can be a headache sometimes, we’re here to help.

PCV VALVES:  The spring tension of a PCV check valve is critical to the life of the catalytic converter.If there is too little tension,excessive amounts of oil can enter the combustion chamber. If there is too much tension, it could cause oil sludging. Never take this inexpensive emission device for granted because it could destroy a more expensive emissions device.Some newer vehicles use an electronic PCV valve to control crankcase vapors. Some TSBs have been issued and re-flash engine calibrations have been tweaked to help extend the life of the converter.


VIBRATION: Broken exhaust hangers and mount can cause the internal structure of the converter to fail. Signs of this type of damage may be a restricted converter.


EGR PROBLEMS: EGR systems are designed to reduce smog-causing nitrous oxides (NOx)    emission and detonation (engine knock or ping) under certain driving conditions. This type of misfire can damage a converter.


Visit Auto Technique Today to get State of the Art Auto Repair, auto maintanence, and the best mechanic in Escondido!


October 31st, 2013 by

In the past two decades, the greatest leaps forward in engine technology have been in the combustion chamber. Using high-speed cameras and quartz windows to see inside a combustion chamber, engineers are about to change the shape of the combustion chamber to produce the best possible flame front that produces more power, burns the fuel more completely and at a higher compression ratio. This is called thermal efficiency.  But this increase in efficiency makes it more sensitive to changes in the combustion chamber due to a lack of maintenance.


Carbon deposits on the pistons and valves can cause changes in the fuel spray pattern and the velocity of the air in the combustion chamber. This can cause misfires and unburned fuel to be sent to the catalytic converter.If the spark plugs are worn, a missed combustion event can cause raw fuel to be sent to the converter and burned. This can lead to premature death of the converter. If the driver continues to drive with a misfire,the driver can kill a converter in a few thousand miles. Since 1986 and the introduction of GF1 oil specifications, engine oils have had levels of zinc,phosphorous and sulfur reduced to extend the life of the catalytic converter so the manufacturer can meet the emissions warranty of at least 80,000 miles.   Zinc, phosphorous and sulfur can contaminate the catalyst and reduce the life of the converter even on low-mile engines that consume very little oil. if racing, diesel or agriculture engine oil with high levels of these additives are used, the converter will be permanent damaged.


Clogged air filters can shorten the life of the converter. Not being able to draw in enough air, the restricted air filter can cause the fuel mixture to run rich. This can shorten the life of the converter.


Now that you know about the importance of maintaining your vehicle, visit Auto Technique today to get state of the art Auto Repair, auto maintenance, and the best mechanics in Escondido!

It’s Time For an Oil Change

October 17th, 2013 by

Engine oil Change


Why regular oil changes are so important to your car. Engine oil has limited life- after a certain point it starts losing lubricating qualities and carbonizes. Once that happens sludge forms and reduces the engines life. Checking engine oil level should be done once a month or even more often with higher mileage vehicles. If you are not sure how to check oil level on your vehicle feel free to stop by Auto Technique as we will be glad to take care of it for you.

Your vehicles brake system has one jobstop your vehicle..


Your brakes work hard and the job they do is critical to your safety.


Signs of brake problems:
-a low or spongy pedal, which most likely means there is air in the system
- a red brake warning light
-an amber brake warning light which can mean ABS system fault
- vehicle pulls to one side while braking
- pedal pulsation
- continuous squeals and grinding


If you have any concerns about your oil change intervals, engine maintenance, or your braking system stop by Escondido’s Auto Repair Specialists at  Auto Technique today.